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Fast & Reliable Web Experience with all new Azure CDN DSA (Dynamic Site Acceleration)


Performance, Performance & Performance. Every one around is in a software house talks about performance that might be your manager, client, your senior or may be your architect. Performance make significant impact to your software systems and has a lot to do with client satisfaction. If we talk about web solutions, they need to be fast. Every one around you would like amazing and fast web experience regardless of aspects like, | “Microsoft Azure CDN”


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But in real world it happens rarely, the reason is that we cache static content using CDNs ( Content Delivery Network ) but what about dynamic data? How about a service which is returning dynamic data? In this case a question arrives that how would you sort out which dynamic data, what services a user would interact with that need to be cached? Well, Microsoft Azure has solved the problem.

With Azure CDN Dynamic Site Acceleration (DSA), the performance of web pages with dynamic content is significantly improved. DSA includes a variety of techniques that benefit the latency and performance of dynamic content. According to Microsoft’s official blog, here are some of the salient features of DSA,

  • Route / Network Optimizations
  • TCP Optimization
  • Resource Pre-fetching
  • Adaptive Image Compression

Looking at the features above it looks like that if we get these features that would be all that we need to make over web app’s response super fast. It all starts with Network and TCP optimizations. Origin is a very important constraint when we talk about CDN, with DSA it enables to dynamically find fastest and the most reliable path to your origin to retrieve and deliver dynamic content and it’s  being constantly evaluated.

Not only this, but it also optimizes TCP by keeping connections open and reusing them for additional request it accelerates connection setup, transmission rate and reduce packet loss. But what about dynamic prefetching?

Well, that’s the most amazing part of DSA, based on user behavior and access patterns the CDN learns which assets are required by the application and preemptively fetched content from the origin and brings it closer to the user for blazing fast experience. The DA also enables adaptive image compression, which is continuously monitored with respect to internet conditions.

In a nutshell, it’s a super step by Azure CDN that they introduced DSA which would enable corps give amazing experience and blazing fast delivery of not only static but also dynamic content.

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Do Azure Your One Stop Hub to learn about Cloud (Microsoft Azure, AWS & Google Cloud)

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