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Seeing AI App Announced by Microsoft



What a day it is, most of us happen to have all of our five sense. We can speak, listen, see, smell and touch. But unfortunately there are many between us who are unable to enjoy all these sense. How are we going to help them ? Tech giants are leaving rivalry aside are targeting those people and trying to help them using technology. It’s been thought that technology can change life of those who are incomplete and help them with what they don’t have.

What’s Microsoft Seeing AI App?

Microsoft has taken one step further to help bind people have better experience of life. It all started with a blind software engineer at Microsoft names Saqib Sheikh. As we all know Microsoft Azure is fully equipped cloud with a lot of cognitive services which can be used in mobile applications and developers can do wonders.

In Build conference 2016 Saqib Sheikh built an app using Microsoft Cognitive Services though which he was able to detect text out of menus in restaurants, legal documents etc. Not only this but while being in park he was able to know about surroundings using immense power of very small device i.e. smart phone.

Today! Microsoft announced SEEING AI app which is available on iOS. It helps visually impaired people read text, scan barcodes and learn about products, scan currency bills and a lot more. It’s just a start of new era where technology is going to change life of those who have got a bit less.  An era where technology can be their eyes and help them life a normal life with ease. A small video by Microsoft would tell you a better story.

If you know someone who is in need of this project or you want to contribute or learn more about this project. You may simple click on the url below to get started.

I hope you like my today’s post. Would be back with some more interesting story or article next time.

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