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Single Click deployment of CodeIgniter with MySQL on Azure


Let’s talk about Microsoft Azure, PHP and MySQL more specifically CodeIgniter today.

Azure Web App support for PHP  & MySQL

CodeIgniter is one of the most famous PHP frameworks and thousands of websites have been developed using it. From a Microsoft perspective, CodeIgniter in a very different perspective. Microsoft Azure’s App Service supports Web Application Deployment. With support
for PHP, it becomes easier to deploy PHP websites on IIS Server. Azure Web Apps not also support in-app MySQL, with it you can deploy code files and MySQL in a localhost single instance of App Service i.e. Azure Web App.

KUDU Azure Web App’s Best Friend

KUDU helps GIT deployments of Azure Websites. Whenever there is a website you deploy which needs source deployment, KUDU would be doing that. KUDU not only manages GIT deployments but also helps in diagnostics. You get built-in CMD and Powershell shells inside
the app to check a process or you may install plugins using the console by simply cloning the Git repository of the respective plugin. In case you don’t want to interact with the FTP Client, you can simply drag and drop files, edit them and delete them using
KUDU. With every Azure Web app that requires a Git deployment, a single tenant of KUDU is deployed within the same instance. A question comes to mind is how is KUDU able to reflect changes to every website while it is not connected with the website and is
a standalone single tenant? Well, it’s through File Systems.

Let’s Deploy CodeIgniter Web App with MySQL

Here is a repository with CodeIgniter tweaks and an Azure Deployment profile that would help you deploy CodeIgniter Azure Web App with a few clicks:

  • Go to this URL,
  • Click the “Deploy to Azure” Button.
  • You need to have an active Microsoft Azure account and need to sign in to open the wizard.
  • A wizard asks you about service plans and other stuff.
  • Once you have entered that, click on Deploy.
  • After deployment completes, go to this URL: <website name>
  • You are able to view KUDU’s instance and are ready to use KUDU.
  • For MySQL, you can simply navigate to the db files using KUDU.





You are all done with deployment of CodeIgniter on Azure Web App with a MySQL instance. If you are having any questions or you want any PHP framework’s one-click deployment to Azure Web App with MySQL, then add comments or questions. Happy Deployments , Happy
Coding! Microsoft Loves Open Source.

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