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Consuming Azure Storage Python SDK using PTVS


Hello, everyone. If you are reading this article let’s hope you are familiar with Blobs and their types. Today, let’s do a proof of concept for Azure Blob not using the .NET SDK, nor using REST but using Python SDK for Azure Storage. When you talk about Python, Visual Studio supports Python for developing applications on either the web or console. You just need to grab PTVS installer...

Streaming Diagnostics Logs of ASP.NET Web App Hosted on Azure App Service using KUDU, PowerShell and Visual Studio 2015


We welcome you once again. We try mostly to talk about those features which are least explored by users of Azure. Today we are going to talk about live log streaming from site in production which is hosted on Azure App Service as Web App. To get log streams it’s necessary to enable logging from Azure Portal. Once you do that you can stream logs either from log console in portal, using...

Do Azure Your One Stop Hub to learn about Cloud (Microsoft Azure, AWS & Google Cloud)

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